Posted by: Glenda Mills | February 15, 2012

My Dearest Friend


What is it about this man I love so much,
his winsome personality or loving touch?
What drew me to him in the first place,
mere chance, coincidence, or God’s loving grace?

What makes a woman fall in love with her man,
some magical moment when he takes her hand?
Oh why should I question and wonder so,
when deep in my heart the answer I know.

Long ago before we met, God had a plan,
for me the woman, and you the man!
At just the right time to my joy and surprise,
you looked at me…how I loved your eyes!

The years have come and the years have gone,
and our love has simply grown on and on!
Through good times and bad, together we’ve stayed,
held together by love, our dear Lord gave.

A wonderful sweetheart,
and husband you’ve been.
Happy Valentines Day,
my dearest friend!

Updated poem of sweet memories in Luray, VA

Glenda Mills

Revised February 2012


  1. Beautiful, Glenda, and a wonderful reminder for all of us! Your poetry is refreshing!


  2. Beautiful, Glenda! Yes, God ordained that I would need to change my class schedule in the middle of the semester in high school–just so I could meet my husband, Gary!


  3. Thanks dear friends, for stopping by.

    You know I am still learning how to show appreciation for my husband. I had four widow friends look me in the eye a few years ago and tell me how each day is a gift and how I should often tell my husband how I appreciate him.

    Dave’s reaction today, was “uh-oh, I’m out their for all the world to see”. Then he smiled and thanked me for encouraging Him in this way.

    Bless you both!


  4. Love this post, dear Glenda. Your marriage has alway been a WONDERFUL example to me. You’re so gifted with poetry and WORDS. I am sending hugs your way.


    • Hey Jewel!
      God only gets the praise and He does in your marriage, Jewel. How grateful for the Grace of God and the ability to forgive and forget the rough spots. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Grateful for God’s good plan to unite the two of you to be an inspiration to many. Certainly to us. Sorry, you’re out their for the world to see Dave, but we’re glad you (both) are!


    • Thanks for your kind words, Verna. Every day is a gift with our hubbies, right?


  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe, Glenda, this is so sweet! And what a testimony. Thank you for sharing. Praise God for your covenant partner, what a blessing! XO


  7. Thanks for stopping by, Laura. God be praised!


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