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What Defines You?



(I love David Whetstone’s opening remarks on his recent  facebook post.  He has given permission to post here.) Thank you David!  

“Due to past hurt and rejection, I have built many walls guarding my heart from allowing anyone in on a personal level. Fear of getting hurt, or the fear of abandonment, has kept me focused on others.

I agree our focus should be on others and not self, as long as it is a pure love for others stemming from the heart of God. In my case, I have done a lot in the name of helping others, while subconsciously, helping myself take my mind off what God has placed in all of us and that is: a desire to have close relationships through life. Neglecting this desire and pushing away people that get too close on a personal level, has caused great anxiety in my life; to the point of depression at times over the years. I mean, what african orphan is going to reject someone trying to help them? Therefore, if I am not careful, Africa can become a band aid that becomes a crutch to my own insecurities.

My desire is to have a true, pure motive and that is to live my life with the purpose in which I was created. That purpose is not directly helping others but rather pleasing the heart of God. If I love anyone, or care for anyone it is simply because of the love that has been placed in my heart by my Maker. It honestly has nothing to do with me, so when I do it from the heart of covering what may pain me personally, it becomes a selfish motive, robbing God of what He wants to accomplish through me.  That is make Him look beautiful.

About two years ago I began to challenge my distorted thinking like:
People will reject me,
people will always cause me hurt,
I’ll never be good enough,
I could never do that…etc.

I have chosen to replace that negative thinking with positive thoughts such as:
I’m accepted in God,
God loves me and wants the best for me,
I’m special and unique,
Called by God for a purpose,
I can do all things in Christ,
I’m the head and not the tail,
I am more than a conqueror!

I am thankful that God is continually doing a great work in my life.

IF you are struggling with hurt, pain, rejections, insecurities of not being qualified for a job, task, relationship or whatever it may be; I encourage you to realize that you are made beautiful. You can do anything that you want to do, and if that relationship fails, or job falls apart, or you absolutely screw up a task, know that is not what defines you.

What defines you is that you get up again and don’t quit, that you keep loving and accepting, never allowing the wall to be built to block the power that is inside of you that has the power to change the world.

As for me, I am more eager than ever to see what is going to happen through my life in bringing change and hope to a world that is filled with those that are hurting on many levels. I choose to live my life on purpose, not allowing anyone or anything to deter me.

I pray I have the opportunity to impact your life for the better and you mine.”

What defines You?  How would applying David’s new perspective change your life?  

To learn more about David Whetstone and the organization he started, click here <

Shoulder to shoulder we stand in Christ Jesus; desiring to make Jesus beautiful to a lost and broken world.

8 thoughts on “What Defines You?

  1. Hi Glenda, I really liked this, because it relates to the same type of thinking and feelings I’ve had over the years. Thank you for sharing.


  2. beautiful Glenda – thank you for encouraging us


  3. Thank you for sharing this powerful reminder of what we have, who we are, and our responsibility in being a child of the Most High King! Good one, Glenda! XO


  4. What a beautiful reality–That we are His, we are accepted, and we have a purpose. I love when His Truth is whispered into my ear, instead of the evil one’s. Or I guess it’s really which whisper am I listening to?
    Thank you for sharing!


    • Right Vonda…we only want to listen to the truth our Lord speaks. Kay Arthur once said when talking about the thoughts that come to our minds…”Who is that knocking at my door?” I’ve never forgot it.
      So grateful for all God teaches through each other. And He has taught me much through you.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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