Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

A Promise Kept




“God told me he was going to give me a son.”
I laughed.
“Oh honey, God doesn’t do miracles like
that anymore. Besides, the doctor said
it could never happen.”

Where was my husband’s faith coming from?
He sincerely believed God had spoken to him the
night he knelt at the altar in a little country church
in Brunswick Georgia.

Maybe hearing Dave thank God day after day for the promise of a miracle brought me to my knees. Or maybe
it was reading the story about Abraham and Sarah. God had promised them a son.
Sarah may have doubted. Sarah did indeed laugh, yet God still kept his promise.

My unbelief melted as I read the question God had asked Abraham and Sarah.
Is anything too hard for the Lord? (Genesis 18:14)

Did I dare believe that God wanted to give me the desire of my heart?

Down on my knees I went alongside Dave….And we thanked God together for the promise of a son.

A year later, the phone rang and I heard the nurse say, “Yes Mrs. Mills, you are
going to have a baby!”

David was born nine months later. God kept his promise.

God always keeps his promises.




6 thoughts on “A Promise Kept

  1. Praising God for your miracle…and ours. Merry Christmas!


  2. . . . and the miracle son looks like just his Dad! Thank you for sharing this precious story! Love you!


  3. Oh yes Vonda,
    The miracle of Christmas, the gift of God’s Son is what makes all other miracles possible!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas


  4. Lovely post. Sometimes I think we’ve made the well-known stories from the Bible so iconic in our own minds we forget God remains the same, constant, and loves us just as He loved them. He still acts on our behalf. Thanks for reminding me.


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