Posted by: Glenda Mills | July 17, 2011

The Rose


Only God could have known my heart that
morning. I 
was missing family and friends,
feeling displaced and discouraged. Yet I put
my invisible mask on and walked through
the door with a smile on my face. After all
I was the teacher, and thought I should set a
good example to the young seminary wives
in the 
Sunday School class. Right?

Within moments one of the gals greeted me with a smile, and a beautiful short stemmed red rose. “I walked out on my back porch this morning and discovered
this one blooming rose. 
I  thought of  you. I hope you enjoy it!”

How could she have known? Tears welled up as I thanked her for the rose, and
for letting God use her to encourage my heart. 

I kept the rose close by all morning, inhaling its sweet fragrance and basking in
the joy that filled my heart. And during the middle of the sermon a little song
popped into my mind.

‘Little flowers never worry, when the winds begin to blow. And they never ever cry
when the rains begin to fall. Oh I think I know the secret, only little flowers know.
If it never ever rained, then the flowers wouldn’t grow.’ (author unknown).

The Lord continued to encourage my heart with the sweet memories of the rose
and little song over the next couple of days. Little did I know He wasn’t done yet.

Another surprise awaited me as I drove to Houston to visit my life long friend.
When I arrived Norma greeted me with a warm hug, welcoming me into her lovely home.You will never guess what Lisa painted for you! Come and see. It’s here in the dining room.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The painting was an exact replica of the rose given me a few days before!

There is no way Lisa could have known my need for a lasting reminder of the rose given just a few days before. Except for the grace of God!

The live fragrant red rose faded within a few days, but the painting of the identical rose still hangs in my home today. A constant reminder of God’s all knowing, faithful love. through all the changing seasons of our lives. (Psalm 139)

If you’re like me, you will always need encouragement in this life. Especially on those days when you wonder if there is a God who sees you and knows what’s in your heart.   If so, I challenge you to take time to read Psalm 139. Discover the ways the psalmist
David learned about the One who sees you. Knows you. And cares deeply for you.

Then dare to believe God wants to reveal His love to you.

*Portrait by Lisa Pritchard

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