The Rose


Only God could have known the feelings locked up tight
in my heart that morning. I 
was missing family and friends, feeling displaced and discouraged. Yet I walked into the ladies class with a smile on my face. After all I was the teacher. I thought I should set a good example whether I felt like it or not. Within moments a young seminary wife greeted me with a smile, and a beautiful short stemmed red rose.  “I took a walk in my garden this morning and found one rose had bloomed. I felt impressed to give it to you.”

I was speechless. How could she have known? I felt the tears welling up as I thanked her for the rose, and for letting God use her to encourage my heart.

A few days later, I drove to Houston to spend some time with my life long Norma and her
sister Lisa. When I arrived Norma greeted me with a warm hug and welcomed me into her home.

You will never guess what Lisa painted for you! Come and see. It’s here in the dining room.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The painting was an exact replica of the rose given me a few days before! How could she have known?

I felt overwhelmed by the awareness of God’s presence. The first rose was beautiful, but would fade in a few days. The portrait of the rose would last for a life time. Today it hangs on the wall in my home as a reminder of God’s faithful abiding love, through all the changing seasons of our lives. 

‘Little flowers never worry, when the winds begin to blow. And they never ever cry
when the rains begin to fall. Oh I think I know the secret, only little flowers know.
If it never ever rained, then the flowers wouldn’t grow.’ (author unknown).

A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17a NIV.

*Portrait by Lisa Pritchard

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