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Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

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Happy Birthday Davy!

Glenda Mills

When I’m down and feeling blue,

I’ll take a memory of you…
and let it dance inside my mind,
to lift and lighten sadness there,
with memories and love so rare
(written by my sister Cathy Chandler)

It is never easy to lose someone you love.
The pain of separation that death brings is real. Sometimes tears fall when you least expect it.  A picture.  A memory.  An emptiness left that no one else can fill. Yet the hope of seeing our loved ones again, fills our hearts with gratitude for the gift they were to each of us while they were here on earth.

How true this is of our brother. Davy was born with a severely deformed heart
and not expected to live past 6 months old. But God had a different plan. By his grace, Davy survived 4 open heart surgeries and lived to be forty-five…

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Wash My Feet?

A new year awaits us as we leave the old behind. A time to reflect on times past, anticipate, and endeavor to make 2018 count. With that in mind, I am reblogging, hoping to preserve both old and new. This one’s dedicated to my husband, as he continues to show me what its like to be a servant. Thank you Dave!

Glenda Mills

“Never shall you wash my feet!”
This was too much for Peter. Too much to think that the Lord would want to washhisfeet. This was the Christ, the Messiah.
This was too much for the proud and impulsive disciple to submit to such a humbling act of service.

This was the very Son of God! Peter knew in his heart he should be the one washing Jesus feet!

Yet, when told he could have no part in the life of Jesus without being washed by Him, Peter’s heart was changed.

“Lord, then wash not only my feet, but my hands and my head.”

Peter thought he knew his own heart. He thought he was strong and brave enough to follow Jesus anywhere; even lay down his life for him. Yet the proud and self-righteous disciple fearfully denied Jesus three times that very night. Just as Jesus had warned.

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Call Him Jesus

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An old blog, with an unchanging message. May the Hope of Christmas flood your heart with the living reality of Jesus…Immanuel God with us.

Glenda Mills

Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign.
Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call
His name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14

What a wonderful time of the year as believers in Jesus remember the hope and joy of Christmas. What wonderful news that Jesus broke through the darkness of night to enter our  world…To show us what God is like. And what a miracle to believe that Jesus can still break through the darkest and hardest of hearts and cause us to be born again. We can become like little children and receive eternal life when we bow before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and receive this Blessed Gift of the Father. The gift of forgiveness of our sins, the gift of new life in Christ, the gift of heaven awaiting those who will come and believe. I invite you to grab a bible and…

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The Heart Of Our Daddy

Time alone revealed the true heart of our Daddy.


Seasons of his life reflected the loving care he gave our family.
We remember a daddy who held his children close, rocked
sang beautiful songs of faith over us.
We remember long years of sacrificial hard work to provide for a growing family.
His example taught us to take responsibility for those we love,
even when the cost is great.
Looking back, we believe he would have given his life for any one of us.
That kind of love goes a long way when it is
forever modeled before you.
We remember the love that swelled our hearts when he would say;
“I’m the richest man in town because of the
seven children God gave me.”
We remember Daddy was always true to Mother.
Loving her, providing for and protecting
her all those years.
We remember a contagious laughter that just about lifted the roof.
Like the day we watched our favorite family movie.
Those were the times 
we just about got down
and rolled on the floor with him.
How we loved to hear Daddy laugh.
We remember challenging seasons of life, when hope was restored by
his oft-quoted confident words.
“Everything’s going to be all right”.
An echo of the promise of Romans 8:28:
“God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God.”

Thank you God for giving us a daddy that left us with
a legacy we shall always cherish.