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Dove of His Presence

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Dove of His presence,
You have graced and embraced me…
Poured the balm of Gilead
on open wounds…
Taken the sweetness
of the 
cross of Jesus…
and dipped me 
in living waters
of sweet contentment and joy. 

No circumstance…
no matter how hard
or bitter…
need stop the 
sweetness of God’s presence
in our lives. 
We only need to bow
and release
the tangled strings
of our heart to Jesus. 

Then we listen for the song He puts right there…
Right there in the center of our being. 

Meditations from Exodus 15:24-26; Jeremiah 8:22; John 7:38; Revelation 7:17






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Dove In The Cleft of the Rock



The Bride of Christ is God’s Dove—
Sheltered in the Safety of the Cleft of the Rock.

He sings over her,
Invites her to look up
and sing along—
Then picks up
a sweet tune,
putting a smile on her face
and joy in her heart.

It may be a secret place,
yet it’s known to Him.
It may be a steep place—
but directed by Him.
It may be a deep valley,
but He promised
never to leave your side.

Sometimes our Lord
calls us from
clamorous voices that
vie for our attention—
Only then do
we hear
His voice alone.



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Light of The Star


When they saw the Star, they were filled with exceeding great joy. Matthew 2:10


 Light of the Star of Bethlehem

Bursting through darkness

in the form of a babe.

Heralded with angels shouts of Joy.


Welcomed by lowly Shepherds,

Worshipped by wise men from afar.


Incarnate Christ Child Jesus—

King of Kings, Lord of Lords,

Very Love and Light of God,

Dispel darkness of hearts

and cause us

to be born again.

Held fast by the Hope within us.

Cradled close with God’s Love upon us.

We bow in worship

before You,

Awaiting the blessed Hope

of Your second coming.

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Digging for Truth


compliments Christian, do you know how rich you are?

Child of God, have you discovered the mystery hidden down through the ages?

Church of God, are you walking in the Light and Love of Jesus?

One day those who hold this blessed hope will see the glorious unfolding of His plans!

In the meantime, read the Book of Ephesians and be blessed as you search for the unfathomable riches in Christ Jesus.

Oh be blessed Believer. God is still on His Throne. Nothing takes Him by surprise.

Click below and hear Stephen Curtis Chapman sing: The Glorious Unfolding.

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A Purposed Pause



Dear Friends, Just a note to say I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve been pausing on purpose…
taking time to listen to the One who continues to change the landscape of my heart.

It may be that something is about to change with my blogsite.

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Prayers appreciated!

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